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“The life given to us by nature is short, but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.)  Nothing endures longer as a family heirloom than a painted portrait. Snapshots are fine as nostalgic records, as items in scrapbooks or for use as historical documentation. But most of them end up in boxes or trunks, out of sight and mind. Portraits, in comparison, are hung on walls as works of fine art, as familial treasures and reminders of a family’s proud tradition. The portrait artist’s eye and brush capture the personality and nuances of a subject’s character and soul in a way no other medium can. From the great European families of the Renaissance to today, those who value the richness of life, the dignity of the human spirit and the importance of preserving a family’s heritage have sat for portrait artists.  Even with the increase in the pace of life as the 21st century approaches, portraiture has enjoyed a resurgence worldwide. If anything, the value of handmade art is even more appreciated in our increasingly impersonal, technological world. Prices for paintings — not merely masterpieces or works by the greats, but trendy pop art — have skyrocketed. While many people purchase art as an investment, these works become disposable over time. Not so with portraits. They are painted to last forever — permanent fixtures of homes, and handed down from generation to generation.  With 40 years as a professional artist, and 30 years as a portrait artist, I have developed a detailed yet time-efficient system for painting portraits. I bring to my patrons the experience of the sitter and the artist. I take the time to get to know subjects from the inside, for this knowledge is essential to producing the perfect portrait. The correct portrait not only captures the subject’s likeness but also projects his or her soul — the eternal essence of the human being. My system for producing a portrait involves taking a series of photographs at special sittings. These photos themselves are stunning and patrons often request the prints. The ultimate purpose of these photographic images, however, is to allow me to understand every angle of my subject. Working from these photos, I produce an essential outline. Then I slowly work in color and detail until the portrait is final. More than just an image of the subject, the portrait is now a painting with a life of its own.

Commissions of pets, homes and businesses

Like portrait's of people, I get requests to paint homes, businesses and animals.

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