Sales: The instant book about you will be offered in stores across the USA and Europe Online: Your book will be offered via major online retailers like Amazon.com eBooks: The instant book about you can be sold in eBook format via all major online retailers.

Design: We’ll design the interior and exterior of your book for you. Writing: You can write the book, or we can handle the writing chores if you would like. Fees: We’ll do all of this for an affordable one-time set-up fee. Rates:   While we provide superior service, our rates for set-up, design and writing are less than one third overall of the publishing industry average. Revenue: Any revenues generated from the sale of your book will go straight to you or to your company. Topics: Besides biographies and autobiographies, your book can cover any topic from poetry, cook books, books on gardening, self help, spiritual to erotic themed material. To get instant information on our one-of-a-kind service, including rates and other services, go to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Graphic Design and Illustration:

Patty is now partnering with award winning designer Margie Enlow at

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